Mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter, wife or friend. Or all of these.

Business owner, caregiver, executive, philanthropist or family coach. Or all of these, too. Having wealth doesn’t change who you are, but an awareness of both the many possibilities and many challenges of wealth may result in new questions: “What more do I need to know to make the right investing decisions? Am I taking the right steps to protect my assets? How can I give money away ‘the right way’? Am I modeling good financial behavior for my family?”

We hear you. CIBC Atlantic Trust’s Women’s CIRCLE is centered on helping you answer these questions—and more. CIRCLE is where you can connect, share and engage on important issues about wealth—throughout your life. And, we have a talented group of financial advisors who can be your partner for wealth management. We look forward to your engagement in CIRCLE.


Connect with Linda S. Beerman, Head of Wealth Strategies


CIRCLE resources will help you better understand the big picture—the markets, the economy, the tax environment—and how those things affect both your big financial decisions and your smaller ones. Having access to the best thinking and knowing how to apply it to goal-setting, asset allocation and measuring investing success are fundamental to making the best possible decisions.


Whether you created your wealth or inherited it, preserving wealth requires a thoughtful strategy on understanding risk—minimizing the decisions that can erode your wealth and maximizing the opportunities that can increase your wealth. CIRCLE resources and your advisor as your partner can help you learn how to protect your wealth with intelligent and efficient strategies.


From almost a century in wealth management*, we know that women are very often the drivers of the family legacy planning process. Through CIRCLE, you’ll engage with others to talk about how to define “wealth,” learn how to create an estate plan with real meaning, understand how to develop a lifetime giving plan and become familiar with many other ways to plan your family’s legacy.


When it comes to philanthropy, there are numerous big picture considerations, including ways to model giving behavior and strategies to your family’s younger generations—or maybe the older ones. Philanthropy is a journey, not necessarily a destination. With CIRCLE, you can journey with others to explore ways to develop a strategic philanthropic plan for big ideas that can have big impact.


of personal wealth in the U.S.
is controlled by women.1


of American millionaires
are women.2


of management positions in the U.S.
are held by women.3


of all private businesses
are owned by women.4


of U.S. wealth will pass down
to women by 2030.5


of women say they want to learn more
about financial planning.6

* Through predecessor firms

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