Financial Times

"US Bank Stocks Hit Post-Crisis High"

Brant Houston, managing director for CIBC Atlantic Trust, commented in the Financial Times on the potential for deregulation by regulators appointed by Donald Trump. “The path is a little clearer for some regulatory relief," he said.

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"Stocks Climb, Driven By Tech Sector"

"Earnings are the single greatest support for this market,” said David Donabedian, chief investment officer at CIBC Atlantic Trust Private Wealth Management. “Expecting to get bailed out by massive fiscal stimulus isn’t a good strategy. It’s all about the earnings now.”

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The New York Times

"Your Child's Tuition is Paid While You're In Tahiti"

“It’s the happy byproduct of estate planning,” said Linda Beerman, the head of the wealth strategies group at CIBC Atlantic Trust, which typically offers such bill-paying and administrative services to families with $25 million or more with the company.

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ETF Trends

"Bond, Stock Trading Revenues Drop on Sleepy Wall Street"

"While it wouldn't be herculean to suggest volatility rises a bit from here, barring anything that comes out of left field, we don't envision a strong advance," said Bryan Reilly, a senior investment analyst at CIBC Atlantic Trust. Read more

Family Wealth Report

"CIBC Atlantic Trust WM On How Investors' Political Biases Can Lead Them Astray"

Donabedian said that in turbulent political times when feelings run high, he and his colleague remind clients to where possible remove their partisan biases; to focus on the underlying economic picture, including company developments, and not be distracted by the daily “noise.” Read more news stories


"Fiduciary Law Trends: A Roundup of Significant Court Cases"

Joshua S. Miller, senior wealth strategist for CIBC Atlantic Trust, bylined this article about several of the noteworthy cases from the past year that highlight evolving trends in the fiduciary field. Read more news stories

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