The Wall Street Journal

"Rising ‘Real’ Yields Signal Optimism on Economy"

David Donabedian, chief investment officer at CIBC Atlantic Trust, says he believes that, despite an elevated equity-market valuation, stocks will perform well given the improving corporate-earnings outlook and the expected passage of a large fiscal stimulus proposed by President Donald Trump.

Real Assets Advisor

"Historic Day, Fateful Decision"

CIBC Atlantic Trust Chairman and CEO Jack Markwalter was featured on the cover of Real Assets Adviser. The story is based on a personal, in-depth interview in which he discusses his upbringing in the industry and his future plans for Atlantic Trust.

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Private Wealth

"A Perfect Union"

CIBC Atlantic Trust was featured on the cover of Private Wealth magazine. The story is based on in-depth interviews with CIBC Atlantic Trust's CEO Jack Markwalter, CIO David L. Donabedian, CFA, and Head of Wealth Strategies Paulina Mejia.

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The Wall Street Journal

"Be Careful When Passing Down a Roth IRA"

CIBC Atlantic Trust Managing Director and Senior Wealth Strategist Catherine Schnaubelt was quoted in The Wall Street Journal: "Within the trust you have to have specific named beneficiaries [for the Roth], and it generally has to be what's called a conduit trust," she said. "That trust, then, has to make out the required minimum distributions every year." Read more


"Why Naming Rights for Wealthy Donors Can Be More Than Just Bragging Rights"

Head of CIBC Atlantic Trust's Wealth Strategies Group Paulina Mejia was quoted in CNBC discussing wealthy families and legacy: "Wealthy families want to 'envision and put into place what their legacy is and what they want to do, and how to pass it to the next generation, and how that generation feels about that responsibility," she said. Read more


"Top Wealth Manager Focus on Family Values"

CIBC Atlantic Trust Managing Directors Bruce D. Katz, CFP®, and Sidney F. Queler appeared on the RIA Channel for Forbes Advisor Network after Atlantic Trust ranked 7th on the 2015 Forbes Top 100 Wealth Managers list. Watch now