Investment Management

Our investment philosophy is centered on the idea that a wealth manager needs to offer diversified investment programs that allow our clients to preserve and grow their wealth in a measured way over time, while still providing for the income they require.

To achieve these results, our centralized investment team, under the direction of Chief Investment Officer David L. Donabedian, CFA, has designed a disciplined asset allocation process and a hybrid investment model that combines internal and external investment management.


Asset Allocation Expertise
When building your asset allocation, your CIBC Atlantic Trust relationship manager relies on the collective insights and expertise of our Asset Allocation Committee, which includes some of the firm's most senior investment professionals.

  • The committee has a proven track record of monitoring the investment and economic environment for developments—sudden or gradual—that would create new risks or opportunities.
  • They provide guidance and tools to your relationship manager, who in turn works with you to craft a customized asset allocation and select the best investments for your portfolio.

Manager Selection
Once the appropriate asset allocation is designed for you, CIBC Atlantic Trust implements your investment portfolio by using a combination of proprietary and external investment offerings. We believe that in order to select good money managers, we need to be good money managers. Yet, we realize that one firm can't be the best at everything.

  • Therefore, we manage a few strategies on a proprietary basis where we have a solid track record and highly experienced investment experts.
  • Then we search globally for institutional-quality portfolio managers with strong, risk-adjusted returns to deliver additional investment strategies. We employ a rigorous, objective process to source, evaluate, select and monitor the managers that are approved on our platform.

A Leading Edge
This hybrid approach is a hallmark of our firm. More than two decades ago—before terms like "open architecture" were part of the industry vernacular—we were among the first to offer clients access to the best offerings in the market, whether inside or outside our firm.

Because we've used this approach for decades, we have an experience edge that gives us outstanding access to leading managers.

Our Hybrid Investment Approach

David L Donabedian, CFA
Chief Investment Officer

Investment Expert

Jeffrey S. Thomas, CFA
Senior Relationship Manager and Managing Director