External Strategies

External Expertise: An Early Adopter

CIBC Atlantic Trust was an early adopter of the premise that external managers would be needed to complement our internal management expertise—therefore, we established the Multi-Manager Investment Program (MMIP) in 1992. During the past 20+ years, the MMIP team has researched thousands of managers, performing in-depth qualitative and quantitative due diligence. In a typical year, there are approximately 150 external managers on our platform, covering almost every asset class and strategy: public equity, fixed income and liquid alternatives, hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, private real estate and commodities.

As part of our objective manager selection process, every manager selected to the CIBC Atlantic Trust platform must:

Our mission to identify best-in-class managers that can add long-term value to our clients' portfolios is achieved only through a fair assessment of these managers. CIBC Atlantic Trust does not accept compensation from external managers as part of our approval process. For some hedge funds of funds, CIBC Atlantic Trust receives a placement fee, which may be higher or lower than a client's account-level fee, and waives the account-level fee on the monies invested in that fund. This eliminates a third layer of fees on these funds of funds.


When selecting traditional strategies, we utilize quantitative and qualitative research to identify managers with strong and consistent risk-adjusted performance, a strict investment philosophy and repeatable process.

Covered Asset Classes

  • U.S. Equities
  • Non-U.S. Equities
  • Global Fixed Income
  • Commodities
  • Liquid Alternatives

The Advisor

Q4 2014 edition

A Key to Global Investment Opportunity

How does CIBC Atlantic Trust choose the right managers for the investment platform and, ultimately, for your portfolio?

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Scott Burg, CIBC Atlantic Trust

Firm Expert

Scott M. Burg, CFA, CAIA

Senior Investment Analyst

Scott Burg is responsible for investment manager due diligence and selection within the Multi-Manager Investment Program's traditional investments team.

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Hedge Funds

In hedge fund investments, returns have been driven by strategy and manager selection. Our goal is to construct customized hedge fund portfolios for clients using high-quality managers across a variety of strategies that are likely to provide premium returns, net of fees, within acceptable risk parameters.

Our Actively Managed Categories

Our MMIP team has approved 39 individual hedge funds and 7 funds of funds, containing approximately 200 underlying hedge funds, and actively monitors approximately 150 additional funds across the following classifications:

  • Equity Long/Short
  • Relative Value
  • Event-Driven
  • Global Trading


as of 09.15.15

CIBC Atlantic Trust's Approach

Each hedge fund strategy is constructed to take advantage of certain identifiable market opportunities. Ohm Srinivasan, CFA, senior investment manager, explains.

Listen (6:01)

Ohm Srinivasan, CIBC Atlantic Trust

Firm Expert

Ohm Srinivasan, CFA

Co-Manager, Hedge Funds

Ohm Srinivasan is an investment portfolio manager and co-heads the hedge fund research efforts within the Multi-Manager Investment Program (MMIP) based in Boston.

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Private Equity

When selecting private equity investments for customized client portfolios, we seek managers who can provide tax-efficient, premium returns to the public equity market. To provide broad diversification and entry, we actively invest with individual venture capital, leveraged buyout, energy and other private equity firms, as well as industry-leading fund of funds managers.

Consisting of:

  • Venture Capital
  • Leveraged Buyouts
  • Special Situation Funds
  • Funds of Funds


as of 02.23.17

What's the Deal With Private Equity?

This asset class has been generating attractive long-term performance over multiple investment cycles, and we believe performance will be attractive for years to come.

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as of 07.20.16

The Venture Capital Questions You’ve Been
Wanting To Ask, Answered

A popular alternative asset class—and one that continues to gain popularity, particularly among family offices and high net worth individuals—is private equity.

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Daniel Criscuolo, CIBC Atlantic Trust

Firm Expert

Daniel A. Criscuolo

Senior Investment Analyst

Daniel Criscuolo serves on the Multi-Manager Investment Team as a private equity analyst.

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Private Real Estate

In constructing customized private real estate portfolios for clients, we seek managers who repeatedly exploit market inefficiencies through strategic acquisition and management of commercial properties, generating capital appreciation and income.

Our MMIP team sources attractive real estate managers by evaluating a fund's investment strategy, previous investments, operations, reasonable use of leverage and track record.

Lester Duke, CIBC Atlantic Trust

Firm Expert

Lester P. Duke, CFA

Senior Investment Analyst

Lester Duke is responsible for investment manager due diligence and selection within the Multi-Manager Investment Program's alternative investments team.

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Responsible, Sustainable and Impact Investing

An approach to investing called RSI—“responsible, sustainable and impact investing”—seeks to create both financial return as well as positive social or environmental impacts that are actively measured. It’s a way for families to connect philanthropic vision with investing strategy.

White Paper

as of 12.31.16

Doing Well By Doing Good

RSI is a way for families to connect philanthropic vision with investing strategy.

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as of 04.26.16

What is Sustainable Investing, Really?

John Tennaro, CIMA®, and Nakia Maddox-Eubanks define sustainable investing and socially responsible investing (SRI).

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Daniel Criscuolo, CIBC Atlantic Trust

Firm Expert

John C. Tennaro, CIMA®

Senior Investment Analyst

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John Tennaro, CIBC Atlantic Trust

Firm Expert

Nakia Maddox-Eubanks

Vice President

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