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100 Federal Street, 37th Floor
Boston, MA 02110


PHONE NUMBER: 617.357.9600

TOLL FREE: 877.614.9600

FAX NUMBER: 617.357.9602

Office Head:

Thomas N. Riley, CFA, Managing Director

Wealth Management Team:

Edward C. Bunn, Managing Director

Kimberly A. Dwyer, Managing Director

Susan E. Farris, CFA, Managing Director

Alan S. Fields, Managing Director

Lizabeth P. Fisher, Managing Director

Martina A.R. Frangis, Managing Director

Mark R. Gudaitis, CFA, Managing Director

Joshua S. Miller, CFP®, Managing Director

Eric S. Riak, CFP®, Managing Director

Judith A. Saxe, AEP®, Managing Director

Justin S. Amico, Senior Vice President

Joseph A. Beauchaine, CFP®, CAIA, Senior Vice President

Mark T. Kane, Senior Vice President

Nakia A. Maddox-Eubanks, Senior Vice President

Thomas P. Walsh, CFA, CTFA, Senior Vice President

Elizabeth L. DeLaitsch, CFP®, Vice President

Brian A. St. Germain, Vice President

Thomas P. McHughVice President

Jeanne O'Connell, Vice President

Lisa L. O'Connor, Vice President

Joanne Papangelis, CFP®, Vice President

Emily A. YiannisVice President

Katie M. Bullen, CTFA, Associate Vice President

Rogelio A. Duran, Associate Vice President

Thomas F. McNamara, Jr., Associate Vice President

John E. Switchenko, CTFA, Associate Vice President

Jennifer E. Billings, Senior Associate

Leigh Callahan, CTFA, Senior Associate

Hilary J. Champagne, Senior Associate

Julia M. Hardigan, Senior Associate

Christine A. Kobyljanec, Senior Associate

Michelle M. Lum, Senior Associate

Carol A. Manzo, Senior Associate

Wayne J. Trinh, Senior Associate

Taylor Wailes, Senior Associate

Karen D. Wehrle, Senior Associate

Caroline M. Bowne, Associate

Tara M. Buckley, Associate

Alexa L. Carrieri, Associate

Belinda Kindell, Associate

Cara A. McCartin, Associate

James P. Motsinger, Associate

Matthew J. Paquette, Associate


Firm Leaders:

Sidney F. Queler, National Director of Business Development

Timothy J. Majer, Managing Director

Jeffrey S. Thomas, CFA, Managing Director

Lisa M. Garcia, Chief Risk Officer

Aaron B. Shields, Senior Vice President

Kimberly L. Kaltreider, Senior Compliance Officer

Kevin P. McLaughlin, Senior Associate

Investment Team:

David L. Donabedian, CFA, Chief Investment Officer

Patricia A. Bannan, CFA, Managing Director

Christopher J. Lanouette, CFA, Managing Director

Jay Pearlstein, CFA, Managing Director

Bryan G. Reilly, Managing Director

Gary E. Pzegeo, CFA, Managing Director

Ohm Srinivasan, CFA, Managing Director

Frederick L. Weiss, CFA, Managing Director

Cathy I. Becker, CFA, Senior Vice President

Sean R. Brophy, Senior Vice President

Scott M. Burg, CFA, CAIA, Senior Vice President

Sid Nargundkar, CFA, Senior Vice President

John C. Tennaro, CIMA®, Senior Vice President

Daniel A. Criscuolo, Vice President

Lori S. Evans, CFA, Vice President

John E. Maloney, Vice President

Christopher J. Matthews, Associate Vice President

Mark A. Zarella, Senior Associate

Matthew E. Jessup, Associate

Linda Xiao, Associate

CIBC Bank USA Banking Team:

Peter L. Kugeler, Managing Director, CIBC Bank USA

Operations and Technology:

Keith M. Willar, Senior Vice President