Wealth Strategies

Our partnership with clients is based on a simple philosophy: Ask the right questions, listen carefully to your answers. "Wealth strategies" includes the concepts of effective wealth transfer, intentional legacy planning, multi-generational stewardship and financial literacy, among many others.

Before we can envision what wealth management will mean for you and your family, we need to know what's important to you. Together we will explore and build plans around the key issues of holistic wealth management, including:

Set financial goals to preserve and grow your capital and access cash when you need it

  • Will your finances allow you to retire when you're ready?
  • What amount of cash flow and assets will be required to fully maintain your lifestyle?

Explore Resource Center: Planning With Retirement Assets

Your Chapter Two

Good planning should help you make an exciting, and easier, transition into the next chapter of your life —the one that starts after your working and child-rearing years are over.

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Pass the wealth you have created to your family in a way that ensures their well-being

  • How much control do you want to maintain over your wealth?
  • What do you want the trustees of trusts for your children and grandchildren to know?

Explore Resource Center: Basic Estate Planning

Lifetime Gift Planning

Changes in tax and estate law each year requires new thinking about passing on assets during your lifetime, thinking that goes beyond just “giving your way out of estate taxes.”

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Create a philanthropic vehicle to carry forth your values and legacy

  • What are your passions for giving? How do they express your family's values?
  • Is it important to you that your children and grandchildren follow in your charitable legacy?

Explore Resource Center: Strategic Philanthropy

Strategic Philanthropy

CIBC Atlantic Trust can help you think strategically when setting your goals for giving and for having an impact.

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Preserve your family's history and the story of how your family wealth was built

  • What are the values that really define your family?
  • What are the celebrations, stories, inspirations and mysteries that have enriched your family?

Explore Resource Center: Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning

Legacy planning is an opportunity to define, reflect on and express what wealth really means to the family.

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Structure a plan that allows the next generation to make an imprint on your family business

  • How have you diversified your investments beyond your business?
  • Have you provided for continuity and succession of your business?

Explore Resource Center: The Family Business

The Family Business

Each family business is uniquely its own ecosystem, but all family businesses have one dominant characteristic in common with each other—the overlap of family issues and business issues.

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Guard your assets from predators and untimely circumstances

  • Do you have the appropriate levels of insurance to protect your assets and your family?
  • Do you have concerns about privacy, fraud, theft or lawsuits?

Explore Resource Center: Preserving Family Wealth

Preserving Family Wealth

Whether you created your wealth or inherited it, preserving wealth for yourself and for future generations requires sound investment management and a thoughtful strategy for using other tactics.

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Employ trusts to protect your family and minimize taxes

  • Have you utilized trusts effectively and educated family members on how the trusts function?
  • Do you have the right fiduciaries named as executor, trustee and attorney-in-fact?

Explore Resource Center: Family Office Services

What to Expect From Your Trust

Understanding the nature of your interest in a trust, as well as the role of the trustee in carrying out the terms specified by the trust’s creator, can help set your expectations regarding management and distributions.

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