What's your vision for "success"? From close to a century of working with affluent individuals and families,* we've learned that success often means achieving a sense of satisfaction and joy about the use of your wealth for yourself, your family and causes you hold dear.

It also means having peace of mind about your financial affairs, trusting that your wealth advisor is managing the complexities of wealth ownership. Additionally, for some, it means that plans are in place to realize your vision for broader community impact and a lasting family legacy.

*Through legacy firms.

Earning Clients' Trust—Every Day

"I grew up in this business—literally. My father was in wealth management for 45 years, and I would go to the office with him. I learned about the markets and how to treat clients. Since I started my career as a client relationship manager, one of the most rewarding aspects has been working with clients I have known since my early days in the business. Since 2004, I've been privileged to lead CIBC Atlantic Trust, a firm where we commit to earn our clients' trust every day, just as I learned growing up."

John "Jack" S. Markwalter Jr.
Chairman and CEO

A Trusted Partner

Affluent individuals and families turn to CIBC Atlantic Trust for a long-term, trusted partner that can serve all of their investment, trust and wealth planning needs. Through our collaboration with CIBC Bank USA, our clients also have access to a full range of private banking solutions. Our fiduciary culture ensures we remain accountable for results and act in clients’ best interests.

It would be our privilege to serve you and your family—today and for years to come.


Trusted Advisors of CIBC Atlantic Trust


Growing Up in the Business