A Solution for the Affluent

CIBC Atlantic Trust's personalized, integrated approach enables us to design our services specifically to meet the needs of each client. All of our clients come to us for investment management, and many take advantage of our wealth strategies expertise. For ultra-affluent, multi-generational families, we also provide a suite of "family office" services to address a comprehensive range of financial questions and issues that may arise, as shown below.

CIBC Atlantic Trust's Menu of Services


To preserve and grow your assets and generate income

  • Diagnostic review
  • Investment policy
  • Customized asset allocation
  • Proprietary portfolio management
  • External manager selection
  • Tactical adjustments and rebalancing



To realize your financial vision and simplify your wealth plan

  • Income and retirement
  • Wealth transfer
  • Philanthropy
  • Family legacy
  • Business succession and entity management
  • Risk and protection*
  • Fiduciary services



To organize and provide ready access to your financial information

  • Reporting
  • Financial administration
  • Family collaboration portal
  • Electronic document vault
  • Family tree hierarchy views and management
  • Global multi-custody support
  • Entity coordination and analysis
  • Tax compliance for trust and investment accounts


To keep you informed of our experts' latest analyses and recommendations

  • Speaker series events
  • Quarterly client newsletters and monthly e-newsletter updates
  • Timely expert commentaries
  • Educational white papers


* CIBC Atlantic Trust provides some services in-house and also coordinates with outsourced providers, as relevant.